Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet has earned its reputation as a tough durable carpet. It doesn’t absorb spills like other carpet fibers and is visually versatile.

While these are great attributes of Berber carpet its Achilles heel is it’s susceptible to unraveling.

This happens when the loop on the carpet gets snagged on a spiked heel or sharp item.

Don’t worry Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning can fix Berber carpet too!!

The Solution

Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning use techniques that leave your carpet looking like new for the fraction of the cost of buying a new carpet.

Depending on the level of damage to your Berber carpet, determines how we fix your carpet.

If your problem is widespread we use what we call a “surgical” fix. This process requires us to cut out the damaged section of your carpet and replace it with a new piece of carpet.

This is often obtained from remnant carpet in your house. Unraveling that is localized to one spot on the carpet can be weaved back into place.

Our carpet repair specialists have the technical skill and ability to fix your Berber carpet flawlessly.