Water Damage

Think you don’t have to worry about water damage in the desert? Think again, my friends. Water damage can happen to the best of us in a blink of an eye. Most of the time, it happens when you least expect it. A pipe can burst in your home, the washing machine can overflow or it can be as simple as leaving the window open during a thunderstorm.

Life happens and we understand that. Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to help when you need us. How many carpet repair companies can get the water out of your carpet and repair the damage at the same time?

All it takes is one phone call and your problems disappear. Who wants to juggle multiple companies and conflicting schedules? We want to make things easier for you not harder.

You have enough on your plate already.

Replacing your carpet can get ridiculously expensive depending on the type of carpet you have and how much of it was damaged.

Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning can save you a significant amount of money by repairing your carpet.

We believe that it is better to repair your carpet than to replace it. This is our philosophy and we’ve built our company around this idea.

Our carpet repair specialist are highly trained professionals who will get every last drop of water out of your carpet. After the water is removed they will inspect your carpet for signs of damage and will recommend repairs as needed.